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Emergency Furnace and Hot Water Tank Repair

Fully qualified gasfitters providing furnace and hot water tank repair

Repair and Replace Fixtures

Furnace, hot water tank, sink, bathtub, toilet, air conditioner, pipe, drain and other fixture repair and replacements.



Todd is very reliable and extremely knowledgeable, providing a great service at a reasonable price. I contacted him on a Saturday morning with a plumbing issue in my rental unit. I was out of town, but he contacted the tenant and fixed the problem that same day, in a matter of minutes! Would definitely contact him again!

Kayla L. Satisfied Customer

I was referred to Todd for a an issue where the water heating in my home suddenly stopped working. Even though this wasn't during the middle of the winter or at a time that would be considered an "emergency" Todd showed urgency in inspecting my furnace immediately after I called him (after regular business hours), and he presented me with both options of repairing and replacing, the cost of each, pros and cons, longevity, etc. I really liked how he spent the time explaining all this stuff to me. His price was great too, and he really shopped around to find the best price on a replacement unit for me. I highly recommend him!

Bober R. Satisfied Customer

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