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Water Softener

Water Softener technology is a great tool to add to any household to help keep things comfortable.  If you know me personally, you will know that recently I had a baby girl that turned one this July.  One of the big problems she had was dry skin and sensitive skin conditions.  We tried lotions, coconut oil, and creams.  When my wife and daughter went to Newfoundland to visit her family, the skin conditions cleared up.  We assumed it was due to the change of water and how they treat it in the water treatment plant. I grew up here in Alberta so all I have ever known is hard water, but for the sake of my daughters health, my wife and I decided to install an inline water softener in our home’s plumbing system to help combat my daughter’s dry skin issues.  Less than 2 weeks later all of her skin conditions were no longer visible and seem to be cleared up.  We can safely assume that this is directly related to the change in water conditions by installing a quick and easy water softener.

We are so happy that her dry skin is no longer an issue. Now my wife is raving about how her hair feels softer, the dishes are easier to rinse after washing, and there are fewer if any spots on the glassware and silverware.  It was a whole home improvement to our plumbing system.

I had no idea that a water softener would improve our lives so much.  Edmonton has fairly hard water, and if you have a baby with skin problems, you may just want to look at installing a water softener in your home. They can easily be installed for around $2000, but in my eyes, you can’t put a price on you family’s health.

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