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Tankless Water Heater Flush

How To Flush Your Tankless Water Heater

Every year your tankless water heater should go through a descaling process.  The purpose of this is to remove calcium build up in your heat exchanger so that your high efficient appliance can run smoothly without having to work harder than it already does.  Leaving the calcium build up on and not descaling the water heater will cause the unit to over fire by trying to heat a liquid (water) bu instead heating an extra insulated layer of calcium build up on your pipe walls within the heat exchanger.

What You Need For a Tankless Water Heater Flush

To do this at home by yourself, you will need a pump, bucket, vinegar, hoses, and a little know how.  You can watch my tutorial video just below, or my recommendation is for me to come to your house, bring all the products you will need, and show you how to do it first hand so you can tackle this task for years to come. I provide all the materials needed for $200 and my time for $300.

Other things to check on when doing yearly maintenance on you Tankless Water Heater

Lets not forget, the yearly flush is important, but not the only thing on the list.  You also have to check your water filters located on the bottom of the tank.  Preferably when the tank is empty for your benefit.  You also have to check and clean the air inlet filter on your heater.  This little check and cleaning will save you from having to call a 24 hour emergency plumber down on a long weekend when your heater decides its had enough neglect.  If you do these 3 things on a yearly schedule, your  should last you for many years to come.

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