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Drain Cleaning and Root Removal

Root Removal is Key

Sometimes in an older home you may find yourself needing your drain cleaned to remove a blockage.  There are many different things that can cause your drain or sewer to back up, but for today we are going to focus solely on roots.  The norm is to call a plumber, have him come and snake your drain, find the problem and hopefully the plumber will give you a solution.  If it is roots, in the Edmonton area, you will either need your drain cleaned every 2 years or you will be looking at another backup in the future.  The other and much more costly option is to replace your sewer drain from your house out to the city property. Normally you will opt for the cleaning every 2 years just because maintenance costs a lot less than replacement in this case.

Plumbers Taking Advantage of Customers

When the plumbing snake comes back out of the drain, it is apparent that sewer roots are migrating into your pipe when we pull back tiny root pieces, or sometimes a root ball.  At this point the plumber will give you an option to clean and maintain, or replace your sewer.  All the while they will slowly and methodically instill the fear of replacement into you if this  problem occurs again within the year.  Months will pass and you may find yourself with another back up.  This should not happen!  If you are backed up within a year of getting your drain properly snaked, then someone didn’t do the initial job properly.  Unfortunately too many companies see the dollar signs attached to replacing your sewer and drive you toward the need of a new one by telling lies on how the sewer is compromised.  There are a few instances where this could be true, but right now we are focusing on the roots.

How Drain Cleaning is Properly Done

After you know that roots are present from the initial snake, your plumber should be putting a root removal tool, also known as a cutter, on his snake.  Jay from The Service Company, Plumbing and Drains in Columbus says  “If the proper root cutter is sent down the drain and out to the curb, you should be root free for minimum 1 year.  Too many plumbing companies push their agenda on replacing your sewer for their financial gain.”  Now different plants and trees grow in different geographical locations so no answer on root growth is going to be the same but here in Edmonton, a proper root removal will get you minimum two years of worry free sewer problems involving roots.

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