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Sewer Roots

O.K. So here is the skinny….Roots cause a lot of problems in underground lines and there isn’t much you can do about it.  Calling me will always get you out of a jam but the best option is to find where the roots habitually grow and figure out what is in your best interest.  The city owns the sewer from 1 Meter on your property outward weather it be toward the alley or the street. They are responsible for the cleaning of any problems that occur in the piping from there on out.  Make sure you get in a written form where the plug is!  If the problem is roots, they tend to reappear every 3 years. Most companies (when I called around myself) do a mainline cleaning for $350+tax.  The city of Edmonton does it for $341 if its on your property and if it’s not they don’t bill you.  Also they add the charge to your next Epcor bill if your line is clogged on your property…convenient for most.  As much as I like cleaning sewers, the city has all the high end gadgets and gizmos to make your life comfortable at the best rates out there. By all means call me Christmas day, cause the city probably isn’t coming, but for a business day, unless you know where the plug is being generated in your home, the city is my referral almost every time for a main line cleaning.