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Sump Pumps Removing Water

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With spring upon us, it is the most likely time of year to find out your sump pump has left you high and dry (or the opposite).  Your sump pump drains ground water from around your house one of two ways.  First they pump out to the exterior of your house and water either is re-absorbed by the ground or runs into the city storm system.  The second way is when the ground water is pumped up and over the foundation wall and drains down a storm stack that has been installed during the construction of your home.  The latter tends to be more successful at permanently removing water from your home.

Removing Water Successfully

When running a drainage hose across your lawn, it is of utmost importance to be prepared for the spring thaw! If you don’t, you could potentially see the water pumping out the side of the house, and running back down the foundations wall, travelling through the weeping tile and directly back to your sump pail with zero progress and a waste of electricity.

Plumbing Maintenance

It is important to check and confirm that the sump pump is operational multiple times a year, or have a high water alarm installed for an extra security measure.  I recommend to my customers to check it quarterly when they change the filter on their furnace. If you coincide this with the first day of the new season, it tends to be a good reminder of when to take 5 minutes and verify that the pump runs.  All you have to do is confirm power to the pump and lift the float valve, hear the pump turn on, and see the water level recede in the sump pail.

Hopefully this helps you keep ground water out of your home, however if your pump doesn’t work, before the ground water starts to infiltrate your basement, call a plumber immediately.