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Clogged Kitchen Drain pipes

Clogged Kitchen Drains That Don’t Cooperate

Plumbers in Edmonton tend to see quite a few clogged kitchen sink drains.  Maybe it is just years of service and they need a little maintenance, or maybe the piping was never installed as per code.  Either Instance, the clogged kitchen drain must be snaked. Lets not confuse cleaning a kitchen drain with drain cleaning to clear sewer roots on a main trunk line going to the city.

Drain Cleaning With A Snake

When getting to a home, snaking a drain is always easiest when the path is free of clutter.  Kitchen cupboards, where we need to work, are normally full of chemicals and other assorted thing. removing these prior to our arrival will help us do our jobs to the best of our ability.  I understand there may be a garbage can permanently mounted in the way, and that is fine, but please relocate all movable objects.  After all, saving the plumbers time also saves you money.

There are two places to snake from under the kitchen sink.  Through the P-trap after it has been taken apart, which is always my last choice, or though a clean-out that is installed on your kitchen stack.  The latter of the two is my first choice, and if there isn’t one, I may recommend installing one.  Snaking though a clean-out is much easier and less time consuming so installing one for possible future use is always a good idea.

Edmonton Drain CleaningUse of a Jetter

This is where plumbing maintenance gets interesting.  Once you’ve cleared the clog, and the snake is all packed up, you may want to consider jetting your kitchen stack to optimize draining potential and remove all debris that has adhered to the pipe walls. General tools has recently released a great little tool that is user friendly for plumbers all around the world.  They created a jetter just for kitchen drains that is compact and fits in a relatively small tool box.  Tom Shell Plumbing of Tampa Bay says that offering this new jetting service to clients and explaining what it does has enhanced his customer relations.  By making the customer more knowledgeable and providing a solution of preventative maintenance, his customers are now much happier knowing they wont have another kitchen drain clog for years to come.

Essentially the jetter works like a pressure washer and washes the walls of your piping to remove all the grease, hair, and gunk build up from years of neglect or even daily use.

Watch my page for a future camera inspection video, showing the result of jetting inside the pipe.

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