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Renting a Water Heater in Edmonton

Hot Water Tank, Water Heater Edmonton, Furnace IssuesEdmonton Water Heaters and Why Renting Them Can Hurt.

Renting water heaters in Edmonton, or also known as hot water tanks, is sometimes a good choice.  We have all had our instances in life where miscalculating our spending or being foolish financially has hurt us.  Learning from our mistakes and growing is what makes us human. But what happens when you’re in a tight spot and your hot water tank, or furnace decides to stop working on you?  Time to call the plumbing professionals in Edmonton!  We will help you try and find a solution that works for everyone where your not locked into a multiyear contract with a big plumbing company who just tries to take advantage of your situation.

How Renting Water Heaters Work

It is similar to a car loan, but of course it is a lot longer term.  Now when you have a long term contract, any financial guru will tell you that you’re paying more in interest than in principal. Some of these terms for water heaters last up to 18 years!  18 YEARS!  How?  That is absolutely ridiculous!  Why would you rent something for 18 years when the lifespan of a water heater is 10-12 years?  For another rental of course!  See, when you’re locked in to a car loan, and your car fails, and the repairs are too costly, you just may look at buying another one where they roll your current payments into the new loan cost.  Same thing happens here, but the government has yet to put regulations on home appliance rentals. Why does this industry that I know and love try to take from the poor and keep them down?  I find it despicable how they trap you and make you pay dearly all the while justifying it by saying “you did’t have to, it was your choice.”  Its a system that is broken and when it comes to appliances such as furnaces or hot water tanks, its the new fad for financial institutions to prey on the poor.

How To Curb This Plumbing Industry Problem

Advocate against plumbing companies where they take advantage of the current situation.  Do a quick google search, or click on these links for hot water tank rentals, or water heater rentals, or furnace rentals, and the top few companies, especially the ones in the ads section, are the companies trying very hard to rank high in google for these rental keywords.  As far as I am concerned, they are scum! Preying on ones fanancial situations does not make it ok. Hopefully the government will step in soon and correct an extreme problem in our current society.