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What Toilet Should I Buy

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Toilets are a necessity in homes these days and with such a demand for them, supply has kept up accordingly by flooding the market on different toilets that a plumber in Edmonton can install in your home. But Which one do you choose?  What is going to be the best option for you and your family?  Well don’t you fret….there are a lot of good options that I will walk you through in finding the right fit for your family.


Toilet Basics

Toilets come in multiple different heights.  Standard is the most common, (shocking, I know) then you have what people in the industry call ADA toilets, also know as handicap.  These are a few inches taller than standard, but some toilet makers go even further than the minimum ADA height and exceed it to a point where I feel its uncomfortable to sit on.  Once you have chosen your the height of your toilet, you can choose regular (round) or elongated bowl.  I’m sure you have seen elongated bowls in public restrooms. They are required in any public restroom in Edmonton after all.  You can get elongated bowls with open or closed toilet seats for whatever reason your heart desires.  After choosing the height and the bowl style, we move on to flush type.

How Toilets Flush

Most household toilets are a single flush type which is what I recommend, but there are many found in homes with dual flush technology.  Not a big fan of the dual flushP-traps on toilets are designed to hold a certain amount of water and to flush them you must add a certain amount of water, no more, no less. So why do they have dual flush?  If it isn’t a complete flush whats the point?  There area also options for power assist toilets and flush valve toilets, but these are mainly used in a commercial setting.

Choosing a Toilet Manufacturer

So you have narrowed your toilet list down to standard height, with a round bowl, and a closed seat.  Good thing there are only dozens of companies who offer these options. My favorite toilet today is called Pro-Flo.  They are really making traction in the plumbing industry right now with their quality products preforming like a veteran at a discount price.  I have installed many of these toilets and I have yet to receive one complaint or problem from them.  If you tell me that your family is notorious for clogging the toilet because that special someone tends to use way too much paper, I have a solution!  Caroma has developed toilets that has very large traps and they have a proven track record for flushing large quantities without clogging. Big fan!  Outside these two toilets, the rest, some are good, some are bad, some are middle of the road, and some should have never been sold.

I Don’t Like The Toilets You Recommended

Don’t worry, pick and choose the toilet that best suits you and your family.  The only thing I am concerned about is the way a toilet mounts to the floor or wall.  Make sure you talk to your plumber before purchasing a toilet that is abstract.  There are many that have special flanges and bases that mount funny.  This requires your plumber to sit and read the instructions thoroughly and possibly fight with an odd installation they haven’t seen before.  Please, with all the choices out there, don’t put your plumber through this.  In the end it will be you complaining about the four hour bill to install a toilet that should have taken an hour.