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Plumbing Fixtures in Edmonton

Here at Todd’s Mechanical in Edmonton, We Deal With Plumbing Fixtures on a Daily Basis.

Yes we install toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers, but we also install garburators, hose bibs (garden hose connections), Mops sinks, Laundry Room sinks, Urinals, and even the odd Bidet.  Plumbing fixtures come in all shapes and sizes and we install Every single one of them.

Each fixture cost is different and installation of some take longer than others.

If you are in the market for a brand new toilet supplied and installed, expect a bill around $450.  This will vary on the shape of the toilet flange that we are connecting it to and if you would like an upgraded toilet or a specific brand name.

New bathroom sink taps installed range even more depending on the finish of the chrome, brass, or even brushed nickel. Installing bathroom sink taps that we supply start at $275

Kitchen taps are so diverse that the price range is anywhere from $300 and up due to the high cost of the taps and the tricky installation of some unique brands.

Showers and tubs are more than just an install, there is a rough in stage and a finishing stage.  Choosing your design prior is a must as the trim for the valve has to match the valve that is roughed into the wall behind the fiberglass or tile.  This makes it tricky to retrofit valves and upgrading trim for a leak or “facelift.”  Shower/tub valve repairs if replacing in kind are fairly inexpensive, but when choosing to change the look of the valve the price starts climbing with all of the behind the wall work that needs to happen.

Garburators, food disposal units, or garbage disposal units installed are approx. $600

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