Antonio G

All right everybody today is one of those days where I would like to give credit to the people that deserve it this weekend was a very stressful weekend for myself and Sherrie, we had our furnace and our hot water tank die this weekend very stressful to know that we have no heat and no hot water! To say yesterday afternoon I was very irritated and angry not angry at anyone in particular just angry and frustrated altogether. I called around and some people said they couldn’t fix the hot water tank till next week Wednesday or Friday basically I thought that we were going to have a week without hot water so last night when we got home to realize that our furnace had also gone I went looking on The Internet trying to find someone to come in and fix the heat immediately I probably made about seven phone calls and I would get answering services or voicemail until about 7 o’clock when I called Todd’s mechanical. Todd was extremely nice and extremely helpful it took him 45 minutes to get to my house so he was at our house at approximately 745 And fix the furnace within half an hour I was happy and off to work He also came today and replaced my hot water tank I just have to say what an outstanding gentleman and a great businessman he cater to every single one of our needs and was extremely fair did not try to screw me did not overpriced me showed me a breakdown and gave me great detail emails explaining everything.

So I want to give a big thank you to Todd at Todd’s Mechanical for everything that you’ve done over the last two days. I thank you for being a great businessman and caring about your customers. I told you that I would put this up on Facebook for everyone to see and I meant so if anybody else has furnace issues or hot water tank issues or even boiler issues I give this guy a big 10 thumbs up!