Daniel W

Our furnace quit working on the coldest night of the winter so far, in a deep December cold spell. Todd came to our place early on Sunday morning when the house was down to 15 degrees Centigrade. Brrrrr. His call out and diagnosis fees were the most reasonable we could find, especially on a weekend when all the big companies are charging overtime rates. Todd quickly diagnosed the problem: cracked ceramic igniter unit that prevented the furnace from igniting the gas. Since the wholesalers aren’t open Sunday, he gave us two friendly options: pay an extra $200 to open a parts shop and the part right away ($200? ouch.). Or he could get the furnace working for the day Sunday, and come back Monday with a reasonably priced part. So we chose the less expensive option. We stayed warm Sunday and Todd showed up early Monday morning with the part. Thanks, Todd, for friendly, helpful, reasonably priced service. I’m hoping our furnace doesn’t need you again this winter, but if it does, I”ve stapled your business card to the front of my furnace file.